Mini Travelling Grates

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Mini Travelling Grates and our setup is situated in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India. Mini Travelling Grate (MTG) is an efficient stoker for fuel combustion in furnaces of small boilers, in the range of 3 TPH to 10 TPH capacity.

  • Mini Travelling Grate (MTG) is an efficient stoker for fuel combustion in furnaces of small boilers, in the range of 3 TPH to 10 TPH capacity.
  • Common Practices of fuel combustion in small boilers are: Stationery Grate, Dumping Grate and Pulsating Grate.
  • However, due to limitations of above systems which includes improper combustion, efficiency, maintenance and their inability to handle multiple fuels, an efficient stoker system was necessary. The result is our Mini Traveling Grate (MTG).

    1. Control Panel with VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) helps in controlling the speed of the grate
    2. Gate controls the feeding activity of the fuel.
    3. Air Damper controls the air used for combustion.


     1.  MTG provides homogeneous mixing of fuel and air at steady bed temperature to ensure complete combustion of fuel.
    2. Pull-outs are provided at regular intervals for removal of ash which drops down through holes of grate clips.
    3. Fuel feeding is through the hopper provided at the furnace entrance. Grate bar castings are suitably alloyed to withstand high temperatures.
    4. Air duct is provided for proper cooling of the grates from bottom side, which further passes on to furnace area helping in burning of the fuel.
    5. Our MTG is driven by a gear box, which moves the fuel through the combustion zone for the entire length of the grate, finally discharging the ash into the ash chamber.


    Parameters Fixed Grate Fuel Bed Combustion (FBC)  Pulsating Grate Rushas MTG
    Fuel flexibility Less Flexible No Less Flexible Highly flexible 
    Ash handling system Manual Manual Automatic Automatic
    Fuel Feeding Moderate Automatic Automatic Automatic
    Fuel combustion Less Efficient Good Good Best
    Un-burnt Fuel High Moderate Moderate Less
    Installation Easy Complex Complex Easy
    Response to load fluctuation Slow High Moderate High
    Boiler efficiency Less Good Moderate High
    Operating cost Moderate High Moderate Less
    FD Fan Capacity Regular Very High Regular Regular
    Electrical Consumption Regular Very High High Regular
    Provision to Speed Control Manual Yes No Yes

    Technical Specifications

    Sr. No. Item Description MOC
    1 Grate Clip   As per fuel requirement
    2 T-Bar (rolled) IS 2062
    3 Shaft EN 19
    4 Chain EN 24
    5 Sprocket IS 2707 Gr. 1
    6 Bearing Housing IS 2707 Gr. 1


    1. Multi Fuel Can be used on almost all available solid fuels presently used in the Industry local seasonal Bio-Mass also can be used or multiple fuel in combination also can be burned on the Grate System.
    2. Better fuel combustion.
    3. Less Wastage of fuel.
    4. Ease of operation which helps in reducing Manpower.
    5. Rapid load pick-up.
    6. Lesser Pollution.
    7 Lesser Operating costs.
    8. Less power consumption.
    9. Proper design of the chemical composition of the furnace castings and the cooling arrangements helps in preventing burnout of the castings in the furnace.
    10. Easy to install in external Furnaces, as it is custom built.
    11. Independent adjustable Air Dampers under the fire grate, and the Air is provided from two sides. Ventilated section ratio reaches 100% and can be adjusted flexibly and air flows evenly.
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